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Valle San Giovanni

Frazione of Teramo in Abruzzo Italy

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S. Giovanni Pergulis I
S. Giovanni Pergulis II
S. Giovanni Pergulis III
Abandoned Frunti
Milestone Marker
Local Mills
Penns Grove Italians
Penns Grove-VSG Ties
Archeological Sites
In 2006 authorities authorized surveys all of the archeological sites known to be in existence in the comune of Teramo. The location and condition of the sites were documented with the hopes that funds would be allocated with regard to their stabilization and ultimate development. Three of these sites are located in Valle San Giovanni (a "frazione", that is municipality of the comune of Teramo). They include a portale, the ruins of an ancient abbey (San Giovanni in Pergulis), and a comunal well. In 2008 the commision's final report was published.