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Valle San Giovanni

Frazione of Teramo in Abruzzo Italy

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Biomass Project
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Election Results - 2008
A 10 megawatt biomass incineration project is in the planning stages for the province of Teramo. The principle fuel will be wood products from the nearby area. Once completed the incinerator will cover two acres of land and have a capacity of approximately 55 tons (US)/day. Heading up the project is a group from Pineto with backing from an unnamed investor.
The plant will employ a dozen or so people and will be located in Faieto, a village in the commune of Cortino. It will stand approximately four km from Valle San Giovanni on the border of a protected national park preserve. Attempts were made to locate the incinerator in several other Abruzzo communes before the mayor of Cortino, Gabriele Minosse, granted the necessary permissions to proceed.
Most of the residents from Valle San Giovanni and Valle Soprana are opposed to this project. Some fear that the incinerator will be used to burn garbage and perhaps other, even more toxic substance. A live debate, some "Pro" but mostly "Con" views, has begun to appear in the local newspapers: WWF Letter Opposing the Project (In Italian)
1 January 2011 officiale announcement from the Abruzzo Regional authorities regarding the incineration project as a source of electrical power.

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