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Valle San Giovanni

Frazione of Teramo in Abruzzo Italy

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S. Giovanni Pergulis I
S. Giovanni Pergulis II
S. Giovanni Pergulis III
Abandoned Frunti
Milestone Marker
Local Mills
Penns Grove Italians
Penns Grove-VSG Ties
Local Mills (mulini)
Valle San Giovanni is located very near the Tordino River. Up through the 1960's and 70's there were several dozen mills located along the river. Only a few are still operational and most are torn down or are in ruins. A book I Mulini di Alto Tordinoby Giorgio Liberato & Sandro Di Altrobrando presents a summary of the location and major functions of each of the mills.
Map of Mills near Valle San Giovanni
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Santucci Mill (Valle San Giovanni)

Sacripante Mill (Travazzano)
Villa Casale - To Let near Teramo