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Valle San Giovanni

Frazione of Teramo in Abruzzo Italy

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Excursions and Sports Activities
In recent years efforts have been made to promote bicycling and horseback riding in the area in and around Valle San Giovanni. Plans are in the works to upgrade walking, hiking, cyclying and riding trails between Valle San Giovanni and Faieto, Villa Ripa, Frondarola, and Travazzano.
Perhaps the most ambitious of these projects has been carried out by Lucio Demarcillis:
La Via dei Borghi is a similar project by Lucio and his association of biking appassionato's. Markings for a bicycle course have been placed such that the rider is able to travel through eight boroughs of Teramo and Torricella Sicura in a minimal amount of time.
Calcetto is a form of soccer played by two teams of four or five players on a court that is slightly smaller that that used for basketball. It is very poplular throughot Italy, especially in the south and at the beach. On 11-24 July 2011 a soccer tournament was hosted at the Valle San Giovanni calcetto field.
VSG is well known for the prowess of its athletes. Local sporting organizations include:

Calcio Valle San Giovanni

c/o Di Domenico Carlo
Via Del Corso N. 38
64040 Valle San Giovanni (TE)
Tel: 0861-328265

Campo Sportivo:
Valle San Giovanni Comunale
64040 Frazione Valle S. Giovanni (TE)

A popular pasttime in Valle San Giovanni is fishing on the nearby Tordino River.  The largest center, Lago Alto Tordino,  is owned by members of the Scorranese family.  


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